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World Wide Clientele

Our clients are both domestic and foreign. We have handled the legal needs of foreign clients from all 6 continents.

Practical Advice

We guarantee that while we will always provide sound legal advice based on prevailing law, we will, as a matter of practice, also provide advise on practical alternative solutions.


We strive to have a deep understanding of our clients’ business and needs, and thereby proactively provide advice to forestall any potential issues that may arise. More importantly, we ask the questions that our clients would not have thought of asking, and reach out to them without being asked.

Having come from “Big Law” and worked there for most of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to experience working in various commercial transactions that have contributed immensely to my growth and knowledge. In the process, I have also built relationships that assist me even today. These I have, and continue to, translate into and for the benefit of our clients who rely on our experience for sound and practical advice.

While we may not be “Big Law,” we certainly provide the same level of high-quality, high-value service  which we know are highly appreciated by our clients. Competent professionals will always be expected and provided; however, we always seek to understand our clients’ business so that practical advise will usually be put on the table as an option.

Aside from the more cost-effective rates, our clients also appreciate direct access to us without having to go through numerous layers just to reach us. Otherwise put, you can always rest assured you can directly contact us, when you want.

Several years ago, the track was that “bigger is better” but now, it looks like being boutique is here to stay. Our clients certainly agree with it. Our personal touch, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and client access to us are what set us apart. We are relationship-focused no matter how big or small the client is. Rest assured — and we guarantee — that our priority is to serve and serve well.

Thank you and we look forward to a meaningful and lasting relationship with you.


Kerwin K. Tan


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